Hello! Thank you for stumbling onto my page. I'm Kali! I have an interest in many a thing. On my page, you'll find things that remind me of my boyfriend or may be about him, anime/manga, video games, some of my favorite TV Shows and movies, marching band, a few things about celebrities, things from my childhood, things about my major (Psychology), things I find funny, some of my favorite music (like artists and bands, genres), and random things on the site that I find amusing. If you ever need someone to talk to, I can be that someone. :) I love this tumblr community.. ♥



What’s up with the denny’s tumblr? Does a national restaurant chain really need to post such stupid stuff?

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

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The Cutest Animals You Have Never Heard Of

I would like one of each and 100 of the animal that’s #1 on the list please.

I need a hug



And alcohol, probably.

…and some sushi.


Want a freakishly adorable, convertible, superhero (or other fandom) themed dress??? 

Check out this AMAZING etsy shop: Little Petal NYC

The designer, Danielle Ward has made some absolutely INCREDIBLE fandom-styled dresses. Price point is $200-250, but these dresses are SO changeable… it’s really more like getting 10 dresses for $20 (at least according to her customers). The Daily Dot has a full article about her and her dresses here

So cool! 

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